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Beat Exam Fever Seminar

We are all aware of the stress, anxiety, fear, and tension that prevails in mind of our students during their board and other competitive exams. To help our students to give stress free exams Santhwanam has conducted a Seminar in association with Zulekha hospital, Dubai. The session hosted by Dr Mandar Vishwanath Bichu and Ms Priya Dilip Kumar was striking and there were lot of useful talks and questions raised by students and parents. We are sure that those who have participated would definitively benefit it as there were lot of tips and tricks discussed on how to handle the exams. Santhwanam would like to thank all our members, students and parents who has participated the session and Once again thanks to Zulekha hospital for supporting us to have such kind of valuable seminars.

Pink Ribbon - Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar

Pink ribbon and October month is the prominent symbol for breast cancer awareness. Santhwanam’s effort to conduct an informative session on breast cancer was successful. We have conducted a Seminar on 19th October 2019 in association with Zulekha hospital and the session hosted by Dr Shiela Prince was outstanding. There were lot of useful talks and questions raised during the session and the people participated could understand the lethality and symptoms of breast cancer. Santhwanam would like to thank each and everyone who has participated the event and more over thanks to Zulekha hospital for making the session successful.

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