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Covid-19 Help Line

Dear Friends, As you are aware the corona virus disease (COVID-19) has place the entire world in facing challenging times. Many countries have put lockdown and the whole world is fighting to recover from this pandemic. In response to the global outbreak of COVID-19 UAE government has taken necessary measures to protect the safety and well being of all citizens, residents and visitors. It is our responsibility to follow and listen to government instructions. In this critical situation staying at home will keep us and our family safe. We mind that this is the time people are facing many difficulties, if you or any one at your ken has such difficulties and looking for supports please do let us know. We will try our best to sort it out by approaching the persons concerned. Thanks SANTHWANAM

Beat Exam Fever Seminar

We are all aware of the stress, anxiety, fear, and tension that prevails in mind of our students during their board and other competitive exams. To help our students to give stress free exams Santhwanam has conducted a Seminar in association with Zulekha hospital, Dubai. The session hosted by Dr Mandar Vishwanath Bichu and Ms Priya Dilip Kumar was striking and there were lot of useful talks and questions raised by students and parents. We are sure that those who have participated would definitively benefit it as there were lot of tips and tricks discussed on how to handle the exams. Santhwanam would like to thank all our members, students and parents who has participated the session and Once again thanks to Zulekha hospital for supporting us to have such kind of valuable seminars.

Pink Ribbon - Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar

Pink ribbon and October month is the prominent symbol for breast cancer awareness. Santhwanam’s effort to conduct an informative session on breast cancer was successful. We have conducted a Seminar on 19th October 2019 in association with Zulekha hospital and the session hosted by Dr Shiela Prince was outstanding. There were lot of useful talks and questions raised during the session and the people participated could understand the lethality and symptoms of breast cancer. Santhwanam would like to thank each and everyone who has participated the event and more over thanks to Zulekha hospital for making the session successful.


Santhwanam is continuing its efforts to serve the society. It was heart-warming to see the determination and teamwork displayed by everyone on site was despite being very tired. At the end of the day, despite the tiredness,we feel the sense of satisfaction of the little things that happen during the short morning. It was definitely an eye opening experience.


Santhwanam continuing its service to the society with the aim to Reach the Unreached. As part of the initiative of the year 2019 -2020, Santhwanam released its first air ticket to the needy on 8th July 2019. We take this opportunity thank you all for your continuing support and looking forward the same in the upcoming events as well.


Santhwanam is continuing its efforts to serve the society. Santhwanam would like to thank everyone who has participated in the blood donation camp conducted on 7th June 2019 at Blood Donation Centre, Latifa Hospital, Dubai. Thank you for taking out time from your busy schedule and becoming valuable part in saving the life. Because of your generosity, lives will be saved. A Big salute to each and everyone who participated and supported us. Looking forward your continuous support in future as well.


Santhwanam in every sense is living upto it's name. During the Holy month of Ramadan we have been able to find out the needy and to reach the unreached. The latest rendezvous was at the EVM camp. The ifthar meet organised by us in association with Gates witnessed both the members and their families taking part and thereby having food alongside with the dwellers. The people residing at the camp have been devoid of salary and electricity for the past three months. All of them are set to return to their home country shortly.